A Blank page

A blank document.

 That’s how a blog post starts.

That’s how a lot of things start.

Where is this going is what your thinking…..

 Me and my friend recently were discussing Michael Gove and his decision making (due to his new initiatives overhauling our timetables and free periods!) and why politicians are considered more qualified to make huge, sometimes life changing, decisions for the rest of us, more often than not without our say….(not a political attack because I am completely and utterly under qualifed to ever make a judgement on anything political.) But why what a politician says can be law….

We all have the same raw materials

Its just what you do with it that counts.

We can all winge and moan that were not as talented, but sometimes is it our ignorance to look past these barriers the real obstacle to achieving something?

Andy’s Beat.We started with nothing. Nothing but one heck of an inspiration. And we built it from there, and we gained your amazing support which turned our nothing into something we are really proud of.

A blank document

That’s all this blog post was. And now I’ve filled it with words, not even particularly big or clever words just normal everyday vocabulary words. Yet sequencing could turn them into something meaningful.

When writing the blog post about new years ever and the coming year one quote really stuck with me, “Tomorrow is the start of a 365 page book so make it a good’ un'”

and it got me thinking about the sequencing of this year, about the new opportunity a new year gives you to start using the raw materials we all have in a different way, in a better way.

I decided that this was the year I wanted to look back on and say….yeah I really carpied that diem (seized that day). And I am realising how this means different things for each day, it doesn’t always look like climbing a mountain or defeating a fear. Sometimes it looks like going on the dog walk you promised to do, completing all your work and finishing the book you’ve been reading for ages. This year did not get off to the best of starts, so one week in I decided enough was enough. This was still my book to write….I still had 358 days to write….thought I couldn’t go back and re-write the wasted days I would not waste anymore regretting them. Yes this year I have high hopes for fun road trips, travelling and adventurous things. But most of the 365 days will still be spent studying and other such tedious activities. But that doesn’t mean I need to resign myself to waiting until the exams are over. So I decided to put in place things that make me feel good, productive things, in fact all of us in the team decided to do that completing our own little lists of things we can do to keep each other smiling as we as ourselves. In other words I decided to look at the way I was using the raw materials I have been given.


I decided to re-order things.

So my points is….we all have the same raw materials and well have a blank page in the form of a new day everyday. Sure some have more money, more time, more energy. But essentially we all have the same thing…. a life to live the way we want it.

The way this year is going now makes me smile instead of grimace. So today I want you to do the same, what things can you do to make this year the year you want it to be?

Come adventure with us this year……anything could happen….we just have to make it do so!!!


Turn your blank document into a page turner that no one would want to put down.

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