We’re back!

Guess whose back *resists the urge to sing guess whose back with a brand new track*….

……although to some extent we are, the track is no longer playing the endless tune of “sorry we have exams bear with” it has finally been exchanged for the exuberant tune of summer!!


Which firstly meant the welcome home of our fourth team mate Hannah!!! Scroll back a couple of blog posts you’ll hear of a tearful goodbye that was originally for 3 months that actually turned into 5! We are so so happy to have her back, so proud of all of the work her and her team did out there. In just 5 months they designed, planned and built a heath centre for the local community of kymajoje, Musoma, Tanzania.

blog 1

Also a return of the Kings school Year 11 volunteer team back from Zambia. As my brother was one of the team, they have returned laden with photos and videos of the kids from Donata School with tambourines that we sent out with them. Rowan was telling me stories about his day with the kids and he said originally thought they were only to use for the day, only to then be told that we meant them as a gift to keep and were ecstatic at this revelation! This school is very close to our heart as both me and debbie visited this school ourselves to years ago, my brother was actually paired with the same little girl Grace as I had been two years previously, we were over joyed to send more tambourines out to them! And Donata, who both me and Debbie had the absolute honour and pleasure of meeting (she really is an incredible woman) when she heard Rowan my brother was related to me and I am one of the team took special note to come over and pass on her thanks to us over here through him. So look forward to a video of the tambourines out there, but for now here is a sneak peak I suppose!

blog 3

Finally 100 happy days, as you may have guessed we have all achieved and surpassed 100 days but we are continuing because the community is wonderful and everyone is enjoying the daily challenge of always finding something. However the fines system has been working, because so far we have had over 20 tambourine sponsorships as this wonderful community of people come together to share the good times and the bad donating to us as they go! We could not be more thankful to this wonderful little community of people who have encouraged and supported us in such a great way. And we are excited to update you on where all these tambourines shall be heading and hopefully bringing you lots more photos like the one above of beaming faces and shimmering shaking tambourines! To find out more about our Give a Beat campaign head over to our website at andys.beat@weebly.com and to find out more about the 100 Happy days challenge check out our recent blog post!

That’s all for now but as ever stay tuned as we have a few more blog posts in the pipe lines as well as exciting plans to update you all on. As ever thank you for your continuing support!

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