About Us!

Our blog will give you a lot more information about who we are, why we are who we are, and what we are actually doing (inside info to what actually goes on at board meetings!).

It’ll have regular updates about what the Andy’s beat team are doing behind the scenes, and what events we have up and coming!

We want this to be a space of inspiration, motivation and change. We will share in turn what has inspired us, sharing things that have helped us grow or lessons we have learnt. Its not a pretence that we have it all together….we know we don’t, it’s just the hope that we can share something thought provoking that if nothing more just makes you stop and wonder….and perhaps even stirs something positive in you and hope you’ll do the same as we want it to be a space of communication between us and you, if you’ve got encouragement or ideas then let us know in the comment space beneath each post!

Our inspiration.
This gorgeous little boy is the reason for ‘Andy’s Beat’ existence.

Meet Andy – a charming little guy who loved music, family, friends, bubble baths and above all his tambourine. His music brought happiness not only to himself but to all those who loved him. Andy was severely disabled, facing so many huge challenges throughout his life, which he met with pure bravery.
At the age of just 13, Andy’s life came to an end. But his legacy will not..

Which is where we come in. We’re here to continue the incredible inspiration that Andy was, to keep his memory alive. Our vision is simple – to brighten disabled children’s lives through the gift of music.

As a part of that we’re sending Andy’s favourite thing, tambourines, to as many disabled schools across the world as we can. As well as spending time, and brightening the days of some of the disabled children here in the UK.

This is something the team are all passionate about, and we are dedicated to bring about a little bit of happiness to the lives of disabled children worldwide.

Our Vision!

By giving the gift of music to disabled children, we hope to give them a medium, through which they can express who they are and be able to delight in that, as well as having an enjoyable time. We wish to encourage the value of these children, and to be a part of their lives.

We hope to continue on the legacy left by Andy, our inspiration of the organisation, and to use his passion for music to reach disabled children across the globe. Our vision has the opportunity to reach disabled centres and schools in many nations and we aim to build up as many relationships as we can world-wide to spread our love and vision for these children. We also hope to bring about a positive difference in the lives of these children in our nation by using our time and resources.

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