Soundtrack to life

The moment that song comes on the radio, the first few bars come,  and you look over the room to see your friend is already looking at you, and you share a smile and a knowing glance before retreating to an individual moment of reflection, you both know exactly what each other is thinking, shared memories coming flooding back with each note played of the song. 

It is well recognised that music can be a form of escapism, a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life…but it can also be a return ticket…one that leads you back down memory lane.

Some people say that in life we remember the moments not days….and I find those moments you often remember them set to a song. In fact the whole moment fades in silence and it becomes a movie montage, you see your friends laughing or yourself in the moment all played to the soundtrack of your memory. Hearing that song again prompts a slideshow of memories, flashing across your mind.

I have so many memories like this. Most associated with summers from over the years….maybe because summer is so often care-free those 6 weeks of freedom sandwiched between month of stress and exams and hectic work schedules, or maybe its simply because summer is fast approaching and therefore on my mind.

music soundatrack 3

Nonetheless everyone has a favourite genre, a ‘go-to’ song, or an album that they associate with a certain period of their life. So whether music is central to your life or not….I guarantee its important and embedded along with some of your most precious memories somewhere in your mind. Me….well when I find a song I like I listen to it on repeat….for an annoying amount of time, so much so that the opening bars of some songs can flood my mind with nostalgia and take me right back in time to a different time in my life, some good and some bad memories.

music sountrack 2

And why am sharing this. Well simple really…. I’m explaining… trying to show you the tangible power of music, of a melody. Now I don’t approach this topic with much or any expertise (as usual to be honest!) and in fairness I could go a lot more into detail about it, but I don’t study music nor have I ever claimed to be particularly knowledgeable about it….but what I can attest to is the power of it.

And why is this important to share with you…well because in the same way music is central to some of you its central to us as a charity. Tambourines were Andy’s ‘thing’… so it was inevitable that we use them as part of our actions.

Music doesn’t need lyrics to make you feel emotion….the same way Andy didn’t need words to inspire us all with his own music.

And you only have to look at the huge grins of the children at SCH in India to see just how much of a difference a tambourine can make to a child……it can bring a smile… the power of which I feel needs no explanation. (see pictures in full on our blog or facebook page- links below)

music soundtrack 1

So think…think back to a good time in your life…what soundtrack is playing in your mind, what song do you know that could reduce you to tears with only a few bars or simple melody….and you’ll see how music can affect all of us in a huge way….and this is another reason Music is our message… and our method. It spreads joy…and it spreads it through the smiles of children and sometimes…through the bashing and clashing noises of a tambourine.

 Check out our Give a Beat tambourine campaign on our website!! (links to our Facebook page on the website)

music soundtrack

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