The edge of the diving board

regret 1

The edge of a diving board can be a scary place to be, so a good analogy for the above quote!I myself having swum competitively since I was younger am quite comfortable up on the diving board, poised to spring into the water as soon as the claxon sounds.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a place full of adrenaline and nerves.

 I can admit to sometimes being a bit of an adrenaline junkie, not all the time, sometimes I can be a huge scardy cat. But when on holiday I’m up for dune bashing in a jeep, or skid boarding down a sand dune, or going off-piste skiing or attempting a black run. It’s the after-feeling that I chase, some people it’s the thrill in the action, me, I like the feeling afterward that soul soaring emotion of joy when you accomplish something that previously was terrifying to you!- and side note setting up this charity and this blog and website in particular absolutely terrifying but so thrilling in the aftermath of our launch!

 I got that feeling the first time I drove on a dual carriageway in a driving lesson, biting my lip as my instructor told me to go right up to 70mph . It was terrifying but afterward I felt the hugest sense of achievement.

regret 2

  But all these feeling require taking that intial step, everyone I bet can pretty immediately bring to mind something they want to do but are too scared too. Learning to drive was that thing for me for a while. But living with the idea of never trying was something I could never be satisfied with.

regret 4

Sometimes things don’t go your way , sometimes you make yourself vulnerable and take that chance and you get hurt, sometimes you take that leap of faith and fall flat on your face.

But sometimes you don’t.

And the times that you do we must learn from and not stop us from diving right back in.

And you have to be willing to take that gamble, to look at the risk versus the reward and choose to acknowledge the risk but change the reward.

regret 3

 So take that chance. As I’ve said confront that thing, or that person. Just do it! And do it today!

 Go for it, don’t make the chance not taken, the thing you regret in a few weeks, months or even years.

So what will you do today?

What is the thing you think you cannot do?

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