Everything will be ok……but what if it’s not?

So as was writing yesterday’s post about feeling uninspired, I did actually have a flash of inspiration to finish this blog post that I started a while ago. Because yesterday I was talking about how we can take (well attempt to) ownership of our own happiness and so I came back to this post where I ask the question….

Everything will be ok……but what if it isn’t?

A question I myself have thrown at my friends, and had said back to me. I say thrown…because I quite literally have verbally thrown this comment right back in a poor supportive friend’s face  who’s unfortunate enough to have to bare the brunt of my lack of hope as they tell me ‘everything will be ok’ and I say ‘ but what if its not…what if you’re wrong’.

Lately I try not to say everything will be ok…..unless I follow it with ‘I promise’. By saying that, I am saying it will be ok,  I am promising you because I will ensure that it is I will make sure everything is ok again.

Because otherwise….it’s a lie.

Sometimes everything is not ok….not unless you do something to make it ok. By saying everything is going to be ok, sometimes it just validates sitting back, putting your feet up and waiting out the bad times, just sitting back waiting for the good times to roll again. But sometimes the bad times don’t make their own way out of your life….sometimes you have to kick them pushing and shoving out of the door! So yes….everything will be ok but sometimes ‘ok’ looks like you taking action, taking measures to make sure it is ok.

Ok is not a destination that you will just drift along too, sometimes it’s one you have to fight tooth and nail to arrive at.

And that’s hard, I’ve watched friends do it and I’ve done it myself. To sit back and think actually things right now are really not ok….and its hard to be so exhausted and worn down by bad times, and then to have to turn around and fight them. But you have to be rid of them. And sometimes if you don’t do something about it, no one else will and the good times won’t roll again until you’ve kicked those blues goodbye.

So today I’m taking the conscious decision to kick out those blues and fight for the good times.

Where are you today?

What blues could you do with being kicked out the door in your life?


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