Smiles to keep you smiling

The link to our ‘snapshots’ page on Blog. Newly updated with some pictures that I’m sure could brighten anyone’s day!

It was to my great excitement that we received these pictures through today from Sarah’s Covenant homes. We received clarification that our packages of tambourines, medical supplies and clothes had reached them in India a few weeks ago, we thought that was exciting enough, but these pictures excited us even more!

Those smiles are entirely the reason we are doing this, in each of those smiles I see Andy with his tambourine and I know he would be proud that we are spreading his legacy and now each foster home will be ringing with the sound of tambourines being beaten and shaken gleefully! So when we miss the sound of Andy and his tambourine we will be reminded of all these things beating their tambourines with as mucho gusto and enthusiasm as him.


These pictures are going straight up on my wall, to remind me of why we are doing what we’re doing to remind me to keep going in the mundane moments, because they lead to the superb moments like today when we received these pictures.

So whether your day has been long, sad, stressful or brilliant let these smiles make you smile (or continue smiling) for just a moment 🙂

smile 2

And of course if anyone wishes to sponsor a tambourine to be sent out on our next tambourines adventure head to our website! Or if you have any contacts who might appreciate our help or tambourines please get in touch or comment on this post!

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