Our version of events

It was the song that brought 2 and a half weeks of triumphs, victory, celebration and excitement to an emotional end, I am of course referring to the Olympics. It’s the song that confirmed her status as an Internationally known and best selling artist and would lead to her winning not one but two Brit awards.

 Emeli Sande. Read all about it.


I don’t know whether it is her performance or the tune or something else that clinched those awards for her.

But it’s the words that stick. The words that lodged themselves somewhere inside of me.This song is really personal for us. It’s the song we played when we were feeling grief and just a void of hope, despair in our own situation and our feeling of complete and utter inadequacy and inability to do anything to change it.

our events 2


“But we are finally finding our voices”

 We found our voice. And at first we whispered, stuttered, coughed….cleared our throats and finally made a sound. And that sound is our voice. But we don’t want it to just be our voices.

 We want it to be a shout.

 A roar even.

 We don’t just want to talk about our message. We want to speak it out, we want to shout it out.

 Because it is important.

our events 5


Everyone can identify with these lyrics, part of them if not all. “you’ve got the light to fight the shadows”- what are the shadows that you see? We see these gorgeous children all of the world not having access to sometimes basic care but not only that no having the opportunity to experience the pure joy that playing music can bring to them. Andy always had his tambourine, or his music set, or the I-pad drum app to bang away at and it made him and everyone ins his willing audience so happy. Yet these kids don’t have that…and won’t have that unless someone does something about it.


There are lots of good people do so many good things in the world today, and I firmly believe its not a case of weighing it up….looking at your spare change and pondering to yourself…..do I drop in the collection box for the starving orphans or do I save the rainforest?

Its not a case of weighing them up, or finding a favourite. It’s a case of seeing the shadows and realising that we all (as corny as it may sound) have the light inside of those to be rid of those shadows. We all have our voice, we all have a purpose, we just have to find the purpose that makes us want to speak up.

To those feeding the children, and saving the trees I commend you. But for us…..now we’ve found our voice we chose to give the gift of music.  This is our version of events. We all have our version of events, we all see things from our own perspective. If we were all to stand in an art gallery looking at a sculpture placed right in the Centre of the room no two of us could claim to see thing, it’s impossible we cannot all have the same perspective, it might similar but never the same.

our events 4

But….maybe just maybe that’s the way its supposed to be?


If we were all saving the rainforests we’d have all the trees we could want….but what about those children who need nutrition, or that village that needs clean water.


Our version of events are all different, we all have a different perspective.


But we all have a voice.


I personally believe that we are supposed to use it in our own way, to speak up for our version of events and encourage others doing the same.

our events 3


What is your version of events? Are you brave enough to speak up and share it?

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