An Update of plans, fundraisers and lots of cake

I realised after writing this update that a lot of it is relating back to cake! Hence the title….So this post is a general update for all you interested in what we have been up to!! 🙂

We had our general meeting a few weeks ago, which was a gathering of the four of us board members and our 3 lovely members, Alison, Nick and Michelle. We discussed our constitution as a charity, went through the accounts (most riveting)  and discussed upcoming events…. and admittedly ate a lot of cake.


Hard at work….with cake to keep us going 😉


We are working on expanding our tambourine adventures. So far we have corresponded with Donata Disabled school in Zambia and Sarah’s Covenant Homes in India, and we are investigating a lot more contacts worldwide which is very exciting!!! With the potential to reach out to those in Columbia, Malawi, and Thailand. And if any of you have any contacts, or friends who do please contact us!

Photo on 04-10-2013 at 21.11 #3

The four of us board members 🙂

So we have been working on developing contacts, producing leaflets, selling the wristbands and planning future events, however those exciting plans are for now under wraps.

Recently a lot of great people have run some great fundraisers for us! So first and foremost thank you all!!! Lana at Charlton primary school held a bake sale and raised £232.20!! We were astounded by this figure and for Lana’s enthusiasm to fundraise for us! Thank you Lana and all the kids and parents at Charlton for supporting us.  Secondly as many of you will have seen on the facebook page William Briggs cycled an 100 mile cycle sportif around Guildford, Surrey and raised sponsorships for Andy’s Beat. Will, we could not be more impressed that you cycled so far and did it all in the torrential rain!! Thank you everyone at the Kings school who contributed to the £130 sponsorship money!! And finally Jenny Martin held a bake sale just yesterday at the Kings school, thank you to everyone who bought and donated cakes! All of the Y7’s brought in cakes and ran the bake sale thank you guys and well done!!

So in light of these bake sales and the Great British Bake-off we decided to make tambourine cookies!


IMG_8033Photo on 24-10-2013 at 19.54 #2

That is a little insight into what we have been up to!! 🙂

Stay Tuned!

3 thoughts on “An Update of plans, fundraisers and lots of cake

  1. Well done all, really inspiring to read what you have achieved in such a short time as a charity. Loving the cake theme!!

  2. Well done on your great work , keep it up ,, have you thought of having a little stall outside The Bear Hotel , sometimes they have them there , not sure who to ask though.

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