Music is the Key

I loved this video for so many reasons, re-cycling and DIY projects happen to be two of my personal favourites,  but the joy on the kids faces when they are given the opportunity to play music was enough to spread a grin from ear to ear (and I dare anyone to watch it and do otherwise) .

These kids have such huge dreams that refuse to be confined to the walls of the slums they live in day in day out, their ambition also reaching far beyond these confines. The smiles on their faces and the knowledge that these instruments cobbled together from what we would discard as trash are the key to a better future an escape from this pattern of poverty is abundantly clear throughout the short video.

music 1 music 2 music 3

Music is a key, for these kids to a better future, but for most of us its the key that unlocks something in us, pent up emotion or pain or joy and dancing on a rainy day.

There will be another post soon about how Music is our Message . As we are using tambourines and music to enhance the lives of these kids worldwide and that’s exactly what’s happening in this video I wanted to share it before I post in depth about Music and our charity.

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