A New Year’s Update!

I feel like I haven’t posted in a while….looking back I see I have, but I haven’t written anything in a while just posting articles that were written in sudden moments of inspiration months or weeks back.

So I thought I would give you all an update, though as it stands there is not yet much to report. I have been saying it for a such a while that impatience must be starting to brew….but a lot of things are underway (I promise!) and in discussion, big exciting things that require a lot of planning….that unfortunately  I cannot go into detail about just yet. But please bear with us….and stay tuned with these updates!

Reason for this is partially that 3/4 of our team are rapidly (eek) approaching our a-level examinations. Andy’s beat is obviously a project immensely close to our hearts and it’s for that reason that we don’t want to give a half hearted effort, we want to run events and campaigns that we have worked really hard on and are proud of, ones we have put our all into. Right at this moment to do that would mean compromising our revision and exams so for the moment things are not going ahead as fast as they will be in the future!

update 2

when we arrived to say goodbye this mammoth bag had already been packed and re-packed several times to squish everything in!

update 4And the fourth member of our team as many of you know is currently 4000 miles away in Tanzania!! From her weekly    e-mails and messages from the local internet cafe we have gathered that Hannah is having an absolutely amazing time and making a huge and very tangible difference in the community there, working in the village of Kamajoje (most probably the incorrect spelling!).  The main project she is working on is the building of a health clinic . We all miss our team mate and friend a lot, but all she is doing is so exciting!!

update 8update 15update 6

This month Andy’s Beat had a stand within a charity blitz showcase, where local charities and organisations could publicise their work within a space in Grove (Oxfordshire), where we are situated. Many of you might have seen the pictures from the day on Facebook. Alison and her friend Tia made these gorgeous musical note lavender bags, and a few of you have asked about the mugs you can see pictured. Our good friend, (and Hannah’s mum) Sarah actually handmade them for all of us in the team with our names on for christmas, and we love them! Potentially these items could be things we sell along with our wristbands (however no guarantees) if there was sufficient demand for them so let us know! Just click on the poll below so we can get idea of how many people might be interested 🙂 On that note also a while ago we posted an album of lots of people wearing their bands we’d love it if people would send us pictures of them wearing their bands so message our Facebook page or e-mail us directly we’d love to hear from you and see the pictures!

update 10update 7update 11

update 9update 13

Also I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge huge thank you, for the work of the Interact group from St Helens and St Katharine’s School. This sixth form group earlier this year chose Andy’s Beat as the charity they wanted to support (which we are so honoured to be!). This week a representative messaged us to say they have already this academic year raised £600!!! This is such an astounding figure, I could barely believe it when I read the message. So all those in the interact team and those that have gone to events and supported them thank you so much from all the team!

So that is this month’s report…please stay tuned and again thank you so much for all your support!

This is how my desk looks! Work is under way, details of projects inside my andy's beat music themed notebook and of course my mug! :)

This is how my desk looks! Work is under way, details of projects inside my andy’s beat music themed notebook and of course my mug! 🙂

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