Happiness is like Jam….

T’is the season to be jolly, to spread goodwill and kindness, generosity to strangers, friends and family alike as we spend weeks hunting those elusive perfect gifts.

Christmas is a sharing time, sharing laughs and smiles, sharing gifts, sharing meals and good food. Its just a season of sharing.


“Joy is the fuel of the heart that leaves pieces of light and love wherever we go”


And we are fast becoming a sharing generation. Not just Facebook, but twitter, tumblr, instagram and even snapchat. Suddenly every moment of our lives can be shared verbally and visually from the mundane make-up free moments to the greatest of memories.

We are fast sharing everything, and I’m not saying there is an issue with that in fact I use most of the above regularly. But what about stopping to think about what we are sharing.

Something that has always bugged me is that the news only ever shares the bad news. The murders, rape, the war, disputes about politicians, gossip, malice. And whilst these are events that need recognition, every time I watch it, I leave my lounge feeling significantly more pessimistic than when I entered it. Every single time my family and I watch the news I can guarantee that I, or another member of my family will make some comment about this. About the bombardment of negativity and ‘grey cloud’ news reporting that the media feeds us. Where are the news reports on the great pioneering work of missionaries or a kids miracle recovery. They pop up every now and again, stories of good, to remind us that we don’t live in an entirely bad world. But I for one want more of them.

jam 1

 And I think we should all think a bit about what we share. I am quite a sharer, sometimes it works in my favour and other times not so much. I share personal stuff quite freely and this I have always found to be beneficial it means people open up to me in return and creates some really honest friendships that I really appreciate and benefit from in my life. Other times it can leave me feeling less that benefited, when I’m skint because I wanted to buy presents to cheer up a friend  ( however I’m not a saint at least a few would be for me). Being so honest, I guess can make me susceptible to being accused of over sharing, and I know other people who might under-share keep everything to themselves. A bit like the extrovert, introvert scale.

 “The miracle is the more we share the more we have.”

 Before I’ve talked about what we are putting out there, this is the same. What are we sharing in our lives. Are we sharing more of the bad than the good with those in our lives? Is it a bit unbalanced?

 “Happiness is like Jam you cannot spread any without getting a little on yourself”

jam2 Christmas all we think about is happiness how we can get it and how we can share it. But I think we should all think a little more about what we put out there what we share if we share the good times in our lives and if we put good things and joy out there then that’s what we’’ start to get back. So next time your feeling down think about if anyone in your life might be also…spread some joy it might come back to you.

 And if we all did that…..then maybe the news would have to report something good for a change.

And so that’s what’s been on my mind lately…this post is just a rather eclectic mix of what I’ve been thinking about, comment about what you think!

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