Sat nav’s and paths

My favourite analogy involves would you believe in a Sat Nav….clearly an object of great inspiration.

My teacher in Year 11 told us this and I absolutely love it, and still to this day whip it out when applicable. He was talking to us about how we can feel lost when something like exam results throw us right of the course that we had all planned out and could see in our mind. But with a satnav when you get swept off course, mightily lost, or something that causes a complete U-turn in your life, its ok. Because what does a satnav do? It re-calculates. You still get to your destination it just re-calculates how you get there.

How great is that!?

We can get knocked off course, well and truly lost in the messes our lives can appear to me, but you know what our final destination doesn’t have to change. We might not get the right exam results doesn’t mean we won’t end up in the same place. And it doesn’t have to be exam results it can be a job offer, or job rejection or a whole host of things.

satnav 1

And I just think we need to smile and know that though sometimes we can be so afraid to make the wrong decision, actually we’ll always get where we need to go,  there’s just a million different paths of how you can get there and at the end of the day where you need to go might not always be aligned with where you think you want to go.

Each path would undoubtedly teaches you different things and shape you in different ways. So all you really have to trust is that whichever path you find yourself on is the one that best helps you to grow.

So today take peace in the fact that you can never fall of the path, because if you do its only on to one parallel with it !


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