Happy Regrets….

Lately I’ve been pondering regrets….and happiness and it took me a while to realize just how connected the two are

.happy choice 1

Because my biggest regrets are the times wasted being un-happy. Now sometimes being less than perky and energetic is understandable and its ok. But a lot of time I think I make excuses for myself telling myself I need to let myself heal or I am justified in my un-happiness. But really all I’m doing is justifying future regrets, all this right now referring to the hassle and stress of UCAS that any students or parents of students will understand. All those tense conversations and stressful time getting it done, now that’s its done seem like a waste of my time to have felt that bad.

hapy choice 2

However this is  quote is something I just can’t accept as truth. But it does have an element of truth, that we are as happy as we choose to me. External circumstances and influences mean that we’re not always in complete control of our mood. But we do always have somewhat of a choice.

happiness 2

And I choose not to have regrets. I chose to not be reckless and avoid all things that make me un-happy (otherwise it would be aurevoir to a-levels) but to find happiness in all that I do, and hence forth avoid regrets. To make the most of everything I do.

Today I chose to be happy and regret-free….how about you?

^this resolve was working for me quite nicely I must admit! I must have had a week of embracing life and being happy and regret free. Until this week, where I felt a bit flat….and deflated and lacking the motivation I really needed to get on top of things….and so I was agitated at myself!

And I realized sometimes not having regrets is not making the most of every single hour….its not regretting the times you spent in bed, it’s letting yourself of the hook every once in awhile. Taking a sick day and nursing yourself back on form instead of regretting every half hour break you’ve taken.

Because honestly getting mad at myself is not working out very well for me, nor is it for most of the members of our team of four! We are fast realizing we have to spur ourselves on and getting mad at our own lack of motivation is even more demoralizing.

So today I am in bed, sick, and though I spent the first hour thinking of all the work I could be doing I realized I needed to take a day to get better (that has actually turned into 3!)

So today I am not regretting some much needed down time! How about you? What are you not regretting today?

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