A Story worth telling…..

The Secret to Living the Adventurous Life (It’s Not What You Think)

This post says everything that all my recent posts have been getting at. That the lives we live may masquerade as pedestrian, non-exhilarting lives with their own high and low points and a lot of mundane ones…..but actually we each have a story to tell….

story 1

The other day me and Debbie just sat and talked…..really talked for hours. And it was amazing for us to both just realise how we were feeling about so many things. Its when I first realised that I need to be more grateful (see gratitude post!) because I myself realised that though lately I’ve found my own life to be boring, a little tedious and stressful when I list some of  the incredible things I’ve had the chance to do, the things I’ve seen the places I’ve visited I realised I would be astounded if it wasn’t my own life. In fact it made me sit back and go Wow is this really my life? My own experiences took me aback. But they did for both of us…..both of us sat back and really looked at our own lives…..both of us driving, both of us with ‘grown up’ jobs, with applications to UNI (to name but a few things)….we both laughed  just out of shock saying “can these really be our lives!?”

In this post Stephanie May (one of my favourite Bloggers) says that we all believe that stories can change lives, great tales of inspiration can cause great acts we all know that to be true all of us at some point in life have been really touched, moved or really inspired but a truly amazing story….and yet storytelling is not something many of us do. She asks why…..lack of experience? No it’s because most of us don’t believe we have a story worth telling.

“When your life is the same, day after day, though, it’s hard to believe you’re living a story someone would call great. It seems like great stories are reserved for the world-travelers, the thrill-seekers, the fearless. But that’s just not true.”

I am none of the above…..

A world traveler? Yeah right I wish!

Thrill seeker? Well lately the biggest thrill I’ve had is handing in my Ucas application….so not many thrills here

Fearless? Well….frankly that will never be true of me.

Yet here I am…storytelling. I am here completely under-qualified, and not at all authorised to tell anyone how to live their life . All I can offer is honesty and our perspective on things….and  in each of my posts I am telling you a bit more of my story… and of our story, in the hope that it could affect your story in a positive way…or in turn encourage you to tell your story.

Because we are all living a life worth living and  therefore worth sharing.

story 4

When I was younger I held onto the belief of “once upon a time” for perhaps longer than I should have…..because by the time life hit me, it hurt a lot more to realise that life isn’t really a fairytale. That’s not defeatist to admit, or pessimistic….just realistic. Your life can be exciting,colourful and wonderful but life is never like the fairytales made out. Aladdin won’t come and rescue you on his flying carpet, nor Prince Charming on his white horse. But nowadays I don’t need to believe in a happy ending….because who wants just an happy ending!? I am way more excited for a happy beginning, middle and end…..because after all a story is not a story without the beginning,middle and end. Without different chapters dividing our lives up into seasons and whatever may be thrown at us within those.

story 2

So today I am thinking about my story….all it is already….and all I want it to be.There is nothing more exciting than to sit and dream about what you want your story to be….because it is exactly that…your story. Yours to make what you want of it.

What is your story? Will you be brave enough to tell it?

story 3

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