Don’t wait a minute longer

how wonderful is it not waiting to chang

Yes….it is wonderful.

But…only so if we can actually do it and to be honest I doubt anyone can wake up in the morning and say today I will begin to improve the world. Our world is too big, the improvements needed so vast that no one would set themselves this challenge. This morning all I thought when I woke up was that I was running late, not any great thought of changing the world.

But yet someone has set themselves the challenge…..

This is a blog i found that is  dedicated to making a change, one per week, thats 52 changes they spend a week committed to making a new change a habit until the year is up and hopefully they’ve made enough change to impact on their lives coming our of that year. Click on this link to…

a) feel inspired

b) learn you you can practically make a change

Something I do daily is honesty, and to an extent transparency. Let me elaborate…. in our society lies are everywhere, advertising, photoshop, and the bias of media sometimes give the feeling that it’s all a pretense all a show and sometimes its hard to know whats real, and furthermore whose being real with you. When we then act two-faced or we act one way expecting people to know we really mean, we further complicate life until everything feels just a bit falsified. So I think if I can be honest and others start to do the same then we take out a lot of unnecessary complications from all of our lives. Transparency is not quite being an open book, but its just being open with people, being vulnerable creates relationships as you grow close to someone through sharing that vulnerability. Being honest and to an extent transparent is by way of trying to making things a lot less complicated. Saying I’ve got nothing to hide helps you to accept yourself as you accept you don’t need to hide and it liberates you to not hide the parts of you you dislike or want to improve. And by being open your sending the message to other people not to be afraid to be open as well . That’s just something I  try to do….. We can all hand on heart say we hate being lied to, dishonesty can rip apart relationships be they with partners, siblings or friends. I figure it might not seem so life changing or radical just to be more honest but just imagine a world without lies…..? So many of todays conflicts hinge on a lie or the belief of lie, take that lie out of the equation the world would start to look like a very different place.

So today I am being honest and open to the best of my ability? What are you going to change today?

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