Do-gooders heart ache…..making your hometown a missionfield

Can you heart be too big?

We’ve all been there, the moment your heart flutters as the person you like looks your way, the way it swells with pride when your friend or family has accomplished something truly great. Your heart can feel a multitude of things and can often rule your mind, as people tell you to follow your heart not your head.

But have you ever felt it ache, truly ache….with the burden of Goodwill?


Because I have and I know fellow heartache sufferers, I read blogs and I hear stories and I remember my own mission experiences and my heart aches with longing. The amount of good people are out doing in the world right now, and of just how much I want to join in.

Take me back!

dogooders Take me Back!

But then I’m stuck……..bringing on another wave of guilt and pain. that I’m not doing good here, that I’m living my life for me only contributing to society by doing what….? I can be selfish, we all can but i think we all have moments where we feel the inclination to do good and then the reflex oh wondering how?

People say being young doesn’t make a difference, but it does.

I am stuck in school all day and swamped with work, and have neither the time nor finances to jump on a plane to Africa or Asia tomorrow.

And all of sudden its just so easy to say…well maybe when im older, just not right now

But then this pain comes, the pain of longing to do something to get out there and actually change something or someone. being young might not be an issue for everyone but there are always barriers whatever age or stage you are in your life….so….

What to do with what you’ve got?

The whole world on my doorstep

Do-gooders heart ache


So what is left to do other than to get up and do something? But sometimes I have to admit that doing something can simply look like spending the evening studying, because I know getting my a-levels will enable me to get a job that in turn will allow me to good. Sometimes we can confuse doing good with what we see as mundane.

We think doing good solely looks like the amazing missions feeding the starving children, or the scientists in the lab researching the cure to cancer, or the diplomats debating peace treaties.

But truth is though those are all good things, we can all do good. By doing all the things in our life with the same enthusiasm and determination that we would apply doing any of the jobs above. Living the life we have now to the best of our ability.


This is a big reason Andy’s beat exists. We got tired of being told we were young, we got tired of wanting to do our part, desperate and aching to make a difference, we did it now. We listened to those that told us we were too young, we nodded and we smiled and said we’ll prove you wrong. And I think we’re doing a ok job at doing that so far.

But you don’t have to start a charity to do good where you are. You can volunteer an hour a week, bring a smile to someone’s face. You can be the best friend to those around you and help them as they might be struggling with all they have on their plate, you can do your job whatever that may be to the best of your ability. You can smile at a stranger in street.


Your can resolve to treat the world the town or city around you as your mission field. And look for the areas you can do good in the life you have now instead of finding the areas that don’t allow you to feed the hungry or cure the sick. Because we can’t all do those things all of the time! This relates back to living where you are 100%, my post from a couple of days ago.

So what can you do today to make the world around you that bit brighter?


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